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OMG, I have been introduced to this archive! It is Harry Potter centric slashy goodness. So Cyn, you better check it out. Alaana, you too. EVERYONE GO THERE!!

FIC - Tale of Four Brothers

Fandom- Harry Potter

Title: The Tale Of Four Brothers (1/?)
Rating: PG for this chapter, eventual R or NC-17.
Pairing: Sirius/OFC, eventual Sirius/Remus, James/Lily.
Animagus: Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs! Who else? ;)
Length (Chapter): 2767 words.
Warnings: Swearing, violence, eventual slash. MWPP era.
Disclaimer: JK Rowling's characters and world, I'm just messing with them now. Don't sue me, I have no money. I am not writing this for profit!
Author's Notes: Hello! Welcome to The Tale of Four Brothers, the first in a 3-part series. This part details the adventures of James, Sirius, Peter and Remus throughout their sixth and seventh years at Hogwarts. The next part will entail the Lily/James era, and the last will reveal the mysteries of Sirius/Remus Post-Azkaban. Please be aware that by clicking on ANY of the LJ-cuts in my journal that you are of legal age in your country for the rating that I have stated above. If you are under age and reading material that is rated for people older than yourself, then it is YOUR responsibility.

Enjoy! (and comment!)

The Tale Of Four Brothers: The First day of Sixth YearCollapse )
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Happiness is...

.. looking at yourself in a shop window and thinking, "hey, I have worked hard to lose this weight and I look great", taking a deep breath in and being thankful for being alive after all the hell 2006 brought.

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Apr. 25th, 2005

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Harry Potter

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Okay, so, I need some help:

I'm creating a website for a uni project (it's a sport-related site), and we went out and shot some footage of the guys playing their sport and doing their thing, and now we want to put the video clips up on the website. Does anyone know anywhere that will host them for free so we can put links up and the guys can download what we shot? Most places I've gone to don't support AVI uploading with free accounts (my web host doesn't). We also have a couple of interviews with the guys that we converted into MP3 that we cant find a home for.

Anyone? Please help if you know somewhere!